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Clowncar 2 - the search for moar babbyz!
Amish Clowncar

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A lovely proper plain couple, Noah and Sara Stolzfus, sits outside their newly built home.

"I do not much care for this modern persuit of wealth, while neglecting the more important facets of life, like family." Sara silently agrees, happy that she has landed herself such an even-headded husband.

"Of course," he concedes, "We will have to make a little money somehow, to pay for the taxes on our land, as is appropriate of citizens."

Thankfully, Noah is an accomplished farmer, whose gift with the tending of the earth shall yield a bounty not only to feed his family, but to provide just enough for basic necessities for said family. Shelter, cloth for Sara to make into clothing, wood for Noah to make into furniture and toys for the children, and indoor plumbing. One needs to be sanitary. Cleanliness is next to godliness, after all. 

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