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Who comes up with these things?

nekonoai on Aug-4-2017

So, I was watching the youtubes, as I often do… and I came across a video of someone reviewing Oppai Ice… (Oppai means boob in Japanese)


I wonder how popular this item was. They often have strange confections in Japan.


Registry Links

nekonoai on Aug-3-2017

Many people have asked me for my registry links… so I thought I would gather things in one place… To make it easier…

Main Baby Registry

If you’d rather add to our book collection… board books… or picture books  or other books…. Reading is very important!

If you want to get gift cards instead, we do most of our shopping at Amazon, Wegmans, and Target.

If you want my address to just get me something handmade or second hand, please message me privately. This includes drawings, cards, letters, knit/crochet items… etc… I would totally frame drawings to hang in the girls room (as long as it’s appropriate for a child to be looking at)!

Please note that we do not need clothes in newborn size. We have TONS already. Bigger sizes are ok.

YES I WILL ACCEPT HAND-ME-DOWNS!!! RECYCLED BABY STUFF FTW! Just make sure it’s clean, please. ^_^