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nekonoai on Jul-24-2017

Warning: this post may contain gross things and a bunch of complaining concerning my pregnancy. Continue at your own risk.

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Am I forgotten?

nekonoai on Sep-25-2008

So the last time I talked to Brad was September 2nd. In Rob’s car. On the way to eat breakfast at some place with mediocre pancakes. And they’re known for their pancakes. That’s their THING. Sorry. I’ve tasted better BOX pancakes. A good pancake does not require being drowned in syrup to be edible. I’m not talking tasty, I’m talking edible. Their homefries were good though.

I’ve derailed. So in the car I talk to him on my cell phone and he seems more cheerful than our last conversation which was pretty passive-agressive bordering on explosive. I tell him we’re on the way to meet Rob’s parents for breakfast and that I can’t really talk long. He says he just wanted to make sure I was ok and the flight was ok.

That was the last I heard from him.

He knew I left there on the 10th to come back home. He had told me earlier that he was also leaving that day to go back to wherever he’s working in South Carolina. Now, I know he said he’d been having major car problems, and also problems with internet and phone service at the place he’s living. He had been going online using the wifi at work to message me before my trip. He had borrowed his mom’s cell phone for the trip (so he said), so I’ve been reticent in calling THAT number, because I don’t particularly want to deal with Louise. I’ve also not called his vonage number, and I’m not sure if I should.

I know he was upset that we had bad communication while I was in Atlanta and he didn’t get to see me (his fault, but he was trying to make me think it was MINE. I told him exactly where I was and to come find me, he didn’t.). I was rather disappointed as well, but it was a rather difficult weekend for me. But he also said, on the day I was leaving Atlanta (we left early, which sucked cause we had made plans to meet THAT day as well, and that just wasn’t happening) that he would have to figure out a way to come up and see me in Rochester, and that he would call me after he got back.

So far I’ve been home 15 days and have had no communication. Meh. At this point, I don’t even feel like we have any kind of relationship. I’ve gotten THIS close to signing up at one of those online dating thingies, but I don’t particularly deal well with strange people, and would probably require a lot of online talking before even meeting in a heavily public place for “coffee” or whatever it is people drink these days.

I have friends telling me to just dump him and move on. Move on to what? There is NOBODY anywhere who has showed ANY interest in me. Nobody who gives me even a passing glance. I am invisible. Unknown. I don’t exist.

I wonder if there’s much call for fat chick porn. I know it’s goofy, but I’ve thought about being a porn star or something, to alleviate some of this randiness of mine. I’d probably hate it because they’d make me do stuff I don’t want to. I mean, for example, I won’t give a blowjob to just anyone. Oral is something very personal to me, getting or giving, and honestly there’s only been one peen that has ever crossed these lips. Ever. And isnt’ oral pretty much demanded these days? xD Actually, in a lot of the newer pron I’ve seen, it’s been more like gagging a chick with your peen. What’s with the obsession on deep throating?

Oh, and spitting. I HATE that. If you have to SPIT on my hoohoo, then you should not be anywhere near my hoohoo because I’m obviously not into you. If I’m into you, I’m wet enough on my own, kthx. Spit near me, and the mood is officially ruined and you’re OUTTA HERE!

The other big thing that everyone seems to be into lately is anal. Now, I’ve never tried buttsecks. Everyone I’ve been with has been not into anything having to do with that whole area, so I haven’t even experimented. Not sure how I feel about it. I mean, I always say I’ll try anything once (except golden showers, scat, bloodsports, or roman showers) so who knows what the future will hold?

I’m thinking of going to Show World this weekend to giggle at the toys, and maybe buy one for once… if I can find one that looks interesting and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It’s hard for me to buy toys, because I’m very… unused and small down there. I had a toy once and it HURT to use it, so I got rid of it. I need something smallish, but something not boring. It’s hard to find small toys that aren’t boring. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear it. 😉