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nekonoai on Jul-24-2017

Warning: this post may contain gross things and a bunch of complaining concerning my pregnancy. Continue at your own risk.

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hooray for indian doctors. ;p

nekonoai on Mar-29-2007

So I went to the doctor. It went well. The office is right across from Irondoquoit Mall… which is good cause I can take a bus the next time. ;p

The nurses are very nice, especially the one I met today, Pam. She was sweet and said I was cute [personality wise].

The doctor is all high tech with her laptop with the touch screen and stuff. She was nice too.

I’m finally diagnosed with Migraines, after years of my other doctor telling me I couldn’t POSSIBLY have migraines. 9.9 The stomach thing sounded like what gypchan suggested the other day to me. gastrosomethingorother. She’s giving me some OTC stuff to get and take for both ailments, and I hafta go back to see her on the 19th for a followup and physical. And sometime between that I gotta go have bloodwork done. yaywoo. hmm.. do I hafta make an appointment to get blood taken? I should find out. I didn’t ask XD

So anyways, I’ll be on the meds. yaywoo. And if they don’t work, she’ll prescribe something.

I called work and the Deacon said he’d come and get me during lunch so I wouldn’t hafta take busses in… which was nice of him. n.n

So here’s hoping this stuff works…

in other news… I really gotta clean my house this weekend… really need a good spring cleaning session… throw some shiz out… open the windows etc… hopefully it’ll be nice and warm this weekend.


nekonoai on Mar-27-2007

I’m really convinced that doctors only care about making money.

I’ve been really sick lately, and after having a really effing scary incident on Saturday night, I decided to call my doctor and make an appointment. Well, I called yesterday and was told by her secretary that I was no longer a patient (as of 2002) and that I should have gotten a letter stating that. That was right around the time that I lost my job and had to move, so it probably got delivered to my old address and thrown out by the asshole who was my landlord [Never use Marsh Properties, Rochestarians NEVER]. So I never got that letter. And I haven’t been seriously sick enough in all that time to warrant a trip to the doctor. Anyone who knows me knows I never really get seriously ill. at least not the way I’ve been lately. 🙁

So the rest of monday was spent trying to find a doctor who is currently taking patients and who is not fucking on vacation for the next 3 weeks/months. Yeah, I’ll wait til fucking August for you to tell me why the hell I’m nauseous and vomiting all the time and with the exploding headaches. sure. And one of the [rude] secretaries also informed me that I would not get a sick visit until after the first “meet the doctor” visit anyways… which would be two weeks from now. Again. Wtf. I know that’s usually the way it goes, but damn.

Mom finally found me a doctor yesterday afternoon after I had given up. So I’m going in Thursday morning, and hopefully I’ll find out what the hell is wrong with me. Apparently it’s an Indian woman called Manjula or something. In greece. She works in a group where a doctor that mom likes practices, so hopefully it’ll be ok. And hopefully she won’t try to overmedicate me.

In other news, Mom has started cleaning again and wants to get the hell out of my house. Which is nice. When she’s gone, I can use the front room for exercise space. hook up teh ddr and break out the yoga, and stripper aerobics dvds. \:D/

calgon take me away…

nekonoai on Jun-29-2004

there’s nothin like gettin up early in the morning and vomiting onto your keyboard… ugh…

I have no idea what caused my early morning upchuck but now i feel like utter crap… throwing up tends to make me feel loads worse and laden me with stomach cramping for the remainder of the day… yay… -.-

but i’m at work… gotta get that money… since i’m on a payment schedule now with my bills, i can’t afford to lose any money from having missed a day of work… so… yeah… work i do… work…

but i’m drinkin some milk… that should help get the acid level down… *sigh*

anyways… tuesday desu. pay day desu. i had to budget a new keyboard into my budget… which means one of the bills gets slightly less than i wanted to give… but… since i dont have an extra keyboard, that’s what has to happen.. no big woop. keyboards are pretty cheap.


nekonoai on Apr-29-2004

it’s days like this i wish i was salaried. i feel like such crap… my head is full of snot. my glands are swollen… my throat is sore as fuck and i’m dizzy… it would have been a good day to stay home and in bed… but i can’t afford to miss any days because i need the most money i can get.. *sigh*

i wish someone would come and get me after work today so i didn’t have to go thru the bus ordeal again. that was hell this morning. 🙁 falling off the bus is not fun.