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nekonoai on Jul-24-2017

Warning: this post may contain gross things and a bunch of complaining concerning my pregnancy. Continue at your own risk.

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Vet update!

nekonoai on Jun-16-2009

Went to the vet yesterday. All went well. The place is right downtown and pretty easy to get to. I should be able to take the bus there next time, if needed.

Miyuki was quiet in her carrier, but very big-eyed and sniffy nosed. There was an INSANE dog in the waiting room panting all over the place, and not very well trained because she didn’t even know the sit command. 😛 There were a few people ahead of me; we were 4th in line to get in, and I think we were the 2nd to last patients of the day.

The vet himself is very nice. Excellent bedside manner and really knows his stuff.

Turns out Miyuki has seasonal allergies and the skin irritation is one of the ways that manifests in cats.  And of course her grooming and scratching has made it look worse.

He gave her a shot right while we were there. She was very good and didn’t cry or anything. I also got two different medications to give her – both pills. He said it could take up to a month for this to clear up completely.  Bleh.

And yes, the price of the visit, shot, and pills was well under $100.  This made me very happy. I’m glad that I have finally found a vet that doesn’t price gouge. I’m most likely going to take her back there soon to get her shots updated.

She gets her pills twice a day, and so far she’s doing fine with them. I just gotta plunk them at the back of her throat and she swallows them fine. They’re smaller than her actual food, so it’s pretty easy. Hopefully, she’ll start showing some healing soon. :3

Thoughts about vets.

nekonoai on Jun-15-2009

While going for a map on yahoo to the new vet, I stumbled across some reviews that people had written about the vet. They were all positive reviews stating that the doctor really seemed to care about the animals and that they didn’t price gouge pet owners like a lot of other vets in the area do. I really hope that this experience lives up to these reviews, because I’m already probably going to have to borrow from mom to pay for this. 😛 Unless these reviews are true and a visit is well under $100. I have my fingers and other appendages crossed.

I just want my baby girl better and not as uncomfortable.

I’ll spare you the disgusting details. ;)

nekonoai on Jun-11-2009

Miyuki has some strange skin condition/rash/godknowswhat happening on her lower tummy and legs. Not sure exactly what it is yet, but I have made a vet appointment for Monday (earliest they could get her in) after work. Hopefully it’s something simple that they can give meds for to clear it up. I’m also hoping it’s not contagious and that Neko doesn’t get it, although they really don’t interact much. I’m also hoping this appointment won’t cost me too much. Stuff is really tight these days.

I’ve thought about taking pictures of it, but who wants to see that? XD


nekonoai on Apr-2-2009

So I’m officially getting rid of the kittunz on Saturday. I’ve made arrangements for transport to the rescue center, in return for ridding a friend’s computer of “viruses” or whatever afterward. Honestly, people, stay off them shady sites! Jeez.

They’re starting to come out from under the bed, so it’s actually the perfect time. When I got home yesterday, I walked into my bedroom to find the tiny one with the cute pink nose curled up by my pillow waiting for me. 😀 DAMMIT STOP BEING CUTE! 😛

Also, Miyuki (I think it’s her, I haven’t caught anyone in the act yet) has started fecal marking due to stress. This pretty much means POOPING ON THE FLOOR. Not acceptable behavior, but I know why it’s happening. It happened when I first brought Miyuki home and the girls were getting used to each other. It’s very stressful to have new people in the house. Also, life has been stressful since mom moved in her crap into the front room. The place is full of boxes and other crap, and it makes cats uneasy to have clutter like this. So this weekend, in addition to getting rid of the interlopers, I will also be doing some major spring cleaning. I’ll hafta lock the cats in the bathroom so I can open up the attic and take stuff up there to get rid of the clutter. I really don’t want them to go in the attic, because I haven’t really explored it fully and I don’t know if they can get into any kind of trouble up there. Don’t want to tempt fate, really. They’ll be fine in the bathroom for an hour or so.

I just need to get life into some sort of order so that I can have calm in the house again. Gonna wash all the bedding and febreeze the house, etc. Also, I’m ordering a new vacuum cleaner off amazon today. (It was cheaper than the store, and free shipping ftw!) Bagless. My rugs are so horrid. I really need to get new carpeting, but who can afford that? 😛 There’s some permanent stains on it from before I moved in… Black and red… Dunno what they are. Maybe paint or something. I shampoo’d the rug once and they didn’t come out, so.. meh. I arranged the furniture in such a way that they’re not noticable. 😛

I just looked at the calendar and realized that next friday is a day off! Woot! I’ll be able to get a lot more done next weekend! Gotta organize my kitchen… living room… So much crap to do. Meh.