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week two.

nekonoai on Aug-27-2009

275. I blame being naughty over the weekend. Ate too much good food and didn’t exercise. Bad Sile. *spank* Well, I did lose one. So I guess it’s better than gaining!

Got some new clothes in the mail yesterday. Shirts mostly. Boobtacular ones. Boobtacular shirts for the win! I wish i had more of these shirts in every color! well… every color that looks good on me. They’re so comfy too. until some jerk starts staring at my rack! Why does rack staring still make me uncomfortable? I don’t mind when Hunter does it. lol Well, I do blush, but quietly… Who am I to deny my pet that which he enjoys?  *grins* 

Watched half of a strange movie last night called Tokyo Decadence. “Erotic sex or dangerous fantasy? In the most lavish penthouses, visible only through the keyholes, there exists a dangerous and erotic world. High-paid prostitutes who specialize in high-stakes games make the rounds.” It mainly follows one girl through her discovery of SM play. There’s a lot of drugs in the movie, mostly coke, but I guess it was like that in 91? There’s one interesting scene where a client makes the girl stand in a big window of a hotel room and shake her ass like a horny businesswoman while taking off her panties very slowly. He makes her do this over and over again until she gets it perfectly right (and she ends up rather randy in the process too). He’s really into the humiliation. And I think she really gets into it as well. Very strange movie. I’ll watch the rest of it tonight. Probably won’t be keeping it, though. It’s a bit over the top.

I can’t wait for the weekend, though Hunter’s been a bit off the past couple of days. Probably mainly from his job ending and having to search for a new one. I know first hand how stressful that can be.

Woah. I was early?

nekonoai on Aug-25-2009

I was all set to post my sad weekly results, and then noticed that I had updated on THURSDAY last week. So thursday will be the day, not tuesday. Which kind of makes me happy, because I was bad over the weekend. Not getting enough exercise and eating out too much. Bleh. I’m hoping Thursday’s results will be better than this morning’s. Didn’t gain! That’s all I care about.

Hunter told me this morning that he needs to work on himself as well, because his pants were tight. I thought of one kind of exercise that we could do together, but then went to take a cold shower and didn’t tell him. 😉 I may give him an avi of what I’ve been using lately. The two mile should be good, I think. It takes like 30 minutes to complete and he can do it whenever. Guys have it so much easier, though. It’s really unfair.  I have to work out two or three times a day to see results. He could probably just do once a week and be done with it. 😛 I gotta get him motivated to do stuff on the weekend. Maybe we could go walk around somewhere. Hmm. I wonder what the weather will be like this weekend. Maybe we could walk around a park or something til our feet fall off. Or go eye shopping again. That’s always fun. We certainly won’t be eating out much this weekend. Probably just on Saturday. mmm Amiel’s. I was good and only got a small. That more than did me until dinner time. I might not get onions this time, though.

This song makes me happy. \:D/ I need to get more of their music. 🙂

week one.

nekonoai on Aug-20-2009

I got a scale on Tuesday, so I guess that will be my official weigh day. My starting weight was kind of surprising. 276. Yikes.

For the past few nights, I haven’t been able to exercise because it’s been too damn hot. 🙁 It doesn’t make things better that I haven’t exercised during lunch since Monday. Tuesday, we went shopping during lunch and yesterday I had to do pick up during lunch. I did walk around, but it wasn’t vigorous. Bleh. Then yesterday morning, I woke up LATE and had 15 minutes to get ready and be out the door. That got my heart pumping, but… LOL

This morning, I got up in plenty of time to exercise.  \:D/ I did the Power Mile, which took about 25 minutes. Certainly felt better. 😛 Definitely doing it during lunch today. Not sure about tonight because I think it’s gonna be hot again. I don’t particularly feel like getting heat sickness because I over did it. No thanks. But I will definitely do it tomorrow morning again. Because I probably won’t get to do much serious exercise, beyond walking a bunch normally, over the weekend.

Got a full weekend planned, which is AWESOME. Probably won’t be getting to buffalo. I hope Brit won’t be too disappointed. 😛 I don’t know how she expected me to get out there anyways, silly girl. LOL I’m just really excited about the weekend.

Gonna see if they have my glasses frames in stock Friday afternoon. I effing hope they do! I’m getting sick of this! They were supposed to call me about it and they never did, so I’m just gonna go and hope they have something. Also gonna hit Hot Topic and see if they have a wallet there that I would use. Maybe check out some collars as well. *titters*

I need to call my gynie. I’m kind of overdue for an appointment, and I want to discuss the possibility of birth control stuff. I think they have ones that will normalize the cycle, and I’m really looking for that. I want to be able to know when the damn thing is coming. It’s annoying not getting it for months and then SURPRISE, you have it for three weeks in a row! Not acceptable20! So, hopefully I can get in to talk to her about it, etc. Might have to take that day off. Heh. It’s kind of a difficult place to get to on the bus, sorta. Haven’t been out there in awhile. But I really like her, and I don’t want to go anywhere else!

Get off!

nekonoai on Aug-18-2009

I’m going hardcore with my new exercise and eating regime.

I will exercise for 30-45 minutes three times a day. You heard me. THREE times a day. When I get up, at lunch time (with coworkers), and before dinner.

I will drink a full glass of water immediately following exercise. Gotta replace the moisture I lost through sweating. Especially at home where there is no air conditioning and I sweat a LOT more. Plus, I really don’t drink enough. It’s gotten better, what with it being so hot in my house and having more iced beverages to keep cool, but I’m sure it’s still not enough.

Bento eating for portion control. I’ve started being hungry again at appropriate times, but I need to eat slower so that I actually don’t cram as much down my gullet. I don’t normally eat a lot, though. But I’m finding that if I package up my food ahead of time, it works out even better. I’ve been packaging leftovers up into 1 cup portions and freezing them. I need to get more freezer bags. The 1 cup portions are perfect meal sizes and if I’m more hungry after having the hot selection, I can always have a little salad.  This has worked out well over the past week. I was able to make 4 portions from leftover chicken alfredo and have them for lunch on 4 days. I love leftovers! I also have some leftover chicken stir fry and rice that needs to get eaten sometime this week. I don’t want to leave stuff in the freezer too long and have them end up tasting like freezer. Time to change the charcoal filters.

I need to eat more fruits and fresh veggies. I’ve been rather slack about that recently. I had wanted to start going to the farmer’s market again, but it’s just so damned inconvenient. >.< So I buy produce at the store of inferior quality and pay more for it. Bleh. Still. Maybe I can get to Sam’s sometime this week to buy a big thing of berries and other stuff. They had some gorgeous berries last time I was there.

I’ve been drinking my breakfasts. Don’t know if it’s necessarily a good thing. a 400ml shake in the morning made from skim milk, a whole banana and one tablespoon of peanut butter. My stick blender is my best friend. I can mix it right in my shaker cup that I bring to work. I should do the math to see the calories on this… *opens calorie king* Hmm. It looks to be right around 300 calories. More than your average slim fast shake. But with no chemicals.  Oddly enough, it tastes like a donut. Weirdest thing. I was thinking of getting some real protein powder shake stuff, but I’d have to do some label reading.

Weekly weigh sessions. Always on the same day. That day will be determined by whatever day I actually buy the new scale (which is dependant on when I get to go to Walmart this week). Of course, I will track my progress seriously.

I’ve thought about starting to use my pedometer again. Try to get to 10,000 steps every day. But I keep forgetting to put it on. I need to make that more part of my routine, like I did two years ago when we were doing the challenge.