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song for me

nekonoai on Dec-5-2008

It’s interesting when a song grabs me and I don’t know the translation. And then I look for the translation. And then I find the translation. And then it makes perfect sense why the song grabbed me and squeezed.

This happened recently when I was watching an Arashi concert, this one song came on that was a solo song for Satoshi. I had to dig through wiki to find the title of the song, since they tend to list setlists for concerts. It’s called Song for Me and it’s from the limited edition version of Time, a second disc containing solo songs for all the members. I was alarmed to find I didn’t have the disc, so I went out looking for it and last night an old friend found it for me. It’s been on an almost constant loop since then. XD

Anyway, this morning I went looking for the translation, since I had to figure out why it was squeezing me. It’s like my subconscious understands Japanese PERFECTLY somehow.

Lyrics and Translation after the cut…

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