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I think I’m losing it…

nekonoai on Sep-22-2008

Went to karaoke on saturday night \:d/ Always a good time. Did all new songs that I’ve never done before, unlike SOME people who do the same damn songs every flippin week. We get it, you like that song. Now do another one, please, we’re tired of it.

And then there are the people who do the monomane thing (impression of the actual singer), but POORLY, and to the point where you just sound annoying. Please use your natural voice, I’m sure the song will sound much better. You are NOT Stevie Nicks, you blonde bimbo. And Nan doesn’t want your skanky boyfriend, dumbass, she’s a F’n ENTERTAINER!

I actually did 4 songs this time.

Did copacabana in honor of Nicole. 😉 And because NOBODY ever does it anymore. Did it lounge style, which was awesome. Got claps. 😀

Did All around the world (lisa stansfield)… yay early 90s. Hit that one well. \:D/

Did… um… ah… Sexy Eyes (dr hook) because I love that song and no one ever does Dr Hook stuff either. 😀

Anyways, on to the losing my mind part… I did You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)… And I was hella scary angry… Got a hell of a response from the crowd. XD Dunno. I was just kinda FEELING that song that night I guess.

Who’s next?

nekonoai on Jun-23-2008

First Miyuki, now George Carlin. Is anyone else that I like going to die from heart issues? 🙁


In other news, went to karaoke on Saturday. Did 3 songs….

Too far from texas (stevie nicks/natalie from dixie chicks)
Turn back time (aqua)
Goody two shoes (adam ant)

Got lots of compliments on the first two from a guy who sings REALLY WELL. I swear, he could totally have a recording contract. Lots of non-polite clapping from the regulars too. You all know the polite clapping… that wimpy stuff that people normally get… non-polite clapping includes whistles and woooo!s. 😉

We left at midnight, which is early for us, but Lynn didn’t want to stay out late. Party pooper. 😛

batting 1000

nekonoai on Jun-9-2008

Oh, I’m just having tons of fun over here. 😛

For those who haven’t seen me online and such (because you don’t go on irc, shame on you!), It’s because my other computer… the one I generally chat on and do light duty on… had the main hard drive crap out. So I’m going to have to order a new drive and be down for probably most of the week as I wait. Yay. *rolls eyes*

I was able to put my web server on an external drive and move it over to the working computer so the web will stay up… mostly… probably the damn galleries and my lunch blog won’t work. 9.9
I can’t get into my stupid ftp server, because I’m a moron and didn’t switch it back to 21 before I left. Oh, wait, you know what? grr. Apache installs its own ftp… and it’s trying to override my settings. F’n apache. I wish I had that remote service. bleh. oh wellz.

To make life better, I had to take the bus in in this heat because SOMEONE had WAY too much fun last night. Plus, my tummy’s acting up and I’ve been running to the terlet all night and morning. I’d like to go home, but at least here there is air conditioning.


Went to karaoke on Saturday. Man, this is becoming a THING with me. LOL Went to a different place. Mulligan’s… I think… In Greece. Small joint, but a LOT of folks showed up to sing and there were a LOT of GOOD singers! A few of them I was like ZOMG they could be pro!!!!111one. And of course, there were a couple of clunkers, but that’s with anywhere. The DJ was HELLA professional, and knew exactly what he was doing… how to fade up music in between singers… fade it down just right… keep the levels good… give a short list of people “up next” so people could prepare themselves… HE WAS DAMN GOOD! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A++ Willard Mania Productions is his thing. So if you see dude doing karaoke anywhere, know that he is awesomesauce. He also has a book of songs bigger than war and peace! Though, one thing about that, the songs are listed by title, and not by artist… I usually look for the artist first and then the song, but meh. I was able to find quite a few songs that I could sing.

I did 3 songs… not for lack of trying, I took about 7 slips up there, but there were so many people that it was hard to get in. I was really comfortable in the atmosphere and not nervous at all. Mary and Lynn said I did really well. 🙂 I sang “landslide”… fleetwood mac version this time, as my opening. And I realized going through it that I’m used to the dixie chicks version more now. LOL My second song was ‘nowhere to go’ by melissa etheridge. I ROCKED HARD! kthx. The only thing was the disc he had ended early.. I guess it was a radio edit or something. I’ll hafta work on getting my karaoke burning software up and running so I can burn my own discs… and hopefully I’ll find a karaoke of that.

My third song… LOL… I did ue wo muite arukou… by kyu sakamoto. You people might know the song as sukiyaki. Yes. I sang in japanese at karaoke. 😀 And let me tell you, they f’n LOVED it. I did it lounge style, because I can’t sing that song straight no matter how hard I try. XDDDD I was in a silly mood anyways. It was a fun night. we totally were there til close. 😀

anyway, i’m gonna get to work … feel free to drop me a line. 😛

letting loose. ;p

nekonoai on Jun-2-2008

Sometimes ya just gotta let loose. ;p

Friday I got asked by a friend at work to go to karaoke with her and her usual karaokeing partner. I thought, what the hell, I haven’t been in awhile, why not. 😛

The first place we went, turns out they stopped doing karaoke there. Fine. we left.

We ended up at Crescent Beach (ZOMG I FORGOT HOW MUCH I MISS THE WATER!) where the DJ was obviously on his FIRST NIGHT. It seemed like he didn’t know how to work the equipment fully. He kept getting feedback. The levels were all wrong. He was playing music that didn’t really fit the crowd. Picture him playing Fitty Cent in a room full of people who are more into Dixie Chicks or Fats Domino. THEN! When people started coming up and singing, he’d interrupt them when they’re almost done to say who was next. ZOMG DON’T DO THAT! Mary (friend from work’s friend) went up there and YELLED at him for doing that. After that, he calmed down a bit and would call people when the person was done. But his levels were off for the whole night. Either the music was too loud and you couldn’t hear the person, or the mic was too loud and overpowering.

I have to say that these chicks I went with are SERIOUS KARAOKE-ERS! They brought their own discs and books that say what’s on said discs. She had like a CD book thingie that had to have at least 50 discs in it. My eyes fell out of my head. I looked through Lynn’s book and then grabbed the guy’s book when I noticed him funfering (is that even a word?) with Lynn’s discs when she wanted to use em. I figured, I’m not gonna screw up his flow by introducing something new, I’ll just go with something HE has.

There was this cute old man there that did probably 20 songs! He wasn’t really that good of a singer, but he was just so into it that you have to love him! 😀 His name was Don. Don is f’n awesome! He did mostly oldies, starting with Blueberry Hill. I thought it was hilarious that Lynn and Mary didn’t know most of the songs he did, but I did (they’re older than me!). The most challenging song he did was “kiddy-o” I can’t remember who sings it, and I can’t find the info online. They were like, how do you know that song? And I was like, I collect music from every era! I HAVE all of these songs at home. LOL Anyway, he was adorable and was the one who sang the most that night.

Lynn went up first and ZOMG she has a GOOD voice! It’s kinda low and stuff, and kinda patsy cline-ish… If I’m thinking that Patsy Cline is who I’m thinking of. I was BLOWN away! She woke the crowd up that was sittin at the bar, that’s how awesome she was!

Mary went up next and her voice was damn good too, even though she was complaining that she had been sick and wouldn’t be any good. Yeah, ok. ;p

There was one chick that went up a couple of times. her name was Sue. She kinda reminded me of mom in the sense that she couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket and her timing was all off. I think what gets me the most is people’s timing being off on a song….especially when I know the song. She did “i would do anything for love”… and was always BEHIND slightly… It was painful.

Lynn and Mary went up a couple more times before they finally said PICK A SONG OR ELSE! So I picked a song, Mary ran it up to the DJ, and then I went to get a draaaaaank.

If you’re going to crescent beach, don’t drink alky. Alky was like 6.50+. Soda was 2. I got a sprite that was mostly seltzer… 😛 bleh. So I didn’t go back for another when it ran out and nursed it all night. But I’m known for nursing drinks all night.

The pressure was hitting me and my temperature was rocketing. It could also have been that I was ovulating, because I had been feeling slightly warmer all day. HI I’M FERTILE, WANNA HAVE BABYZ!?!!?!!!one

Finally, dude called me. ZOMG I felt like I was gonna pass out. I don’t know why I get like this when I go up the first time. Once I get through the first one, I’m generally fine. Of course, I had to compound the issue by picking a song that I have never done before… “The game of love”… santana/michelle branch… I should have done the other michelle branch song “all you wanted”… because I can hit that song perfectly in my sleep (thank you, karaoke revolution!). So I’m up there and the music starts… and I start… and my LEGS START SHAKING LIKE WOAH! So bad that my voice gets a lovely vibrato (or VIBRATOR) to it. During the musical interlude, I say to the DJ “MY LEGS ARE SHAKING LIKE MAD!” off mic… He laughs… He’s calmed down enough to kid around with folks by then… he’s like, “You’re doin good!”. So I finish the song and the bar applauds.

Lynn says I have a sweet voice. LOL and Mary says I don’t sound bad. I had been saying i suck all night… cause we self-depreciating people do that… Right, Gyp? 😀

So now I’m all jazzed and I go back and tear through his book again to find the songs that I had earmarked earlier. and I put two more songs in, and the girls put more songs in too. I’m a bit more relaxed now and we’re all laughing and having a good time…

OH! I almost forgot. There was this one chick that went up with Don and one of the other singers a couple of times. She didn’t really SING… she more like belched or growled into the mic. She was obviously blasted off her ass.. sounded like she smoked 12 packs a day and enjoyed putting her vocal cords over a cheese grater. We laughed like mad at her… and were like… “you gotta BELCH it out!” (instead of belt… lulz)… cause every time she got near the mic it was like… BWAAAA! BRRAAAAAP! etc… and she wasn’t belting… she was like trying to throw in comments… like… YEAH!! YOU GOT IT!!! etc… in a drunken way… LULZ HORRIBLE and FUNNY!

So the next song I did was Landslide… dixie chicks version… And some of the lyrics on the cd+g were WRONG… and I sang the right ones… HELLO I KNOW THIS SONG. ;p And no, the dixie chicks version does NOT have different lyrics from the fleetwood mac version. 😛 There was clapping. 😀

The third and final song I did… cause it was LATE by then… was Dreams by fleetwood mac… I guess I was in a fleetwood mac kinda mood… And for some reason, while I was sitting in the crowd, I couldn’t remember how the damn song started… but as soon as I got up there and the music started, it came to me. MOAR CLAPPING!

At least I had stopped shaking after the first time. LOL

On our way out, we went around to the back of the building to look at the lake in the dark… The air was so nice… 🙂 Then we went home… Mary, stayed behind because she had met a guy… we’re gonna call him #19… He was italian…. so of course his name was Tony. All italian guys are named Tony and all greek guys are named Nick. That’s just how it is. I felt a bit funny leaving her to the mercy of some drunken italian… but she’s a grown woman… old enough to be my mom or something… 😛 I guess he’s not an axe murderer, cause Lynn tells me she’s fine…

On the way there that night, we passed my Aunt’s old beach house… They painted it pink. HORRID! I have fond memories of that beach house… goin swimmin… having bon fires and fireworks and chinese lanterns… Good times… PINK… the travesty. T.T

Anyways.. I mentioned to Lynn that I should REALLY do karaoke and do Ue wo Muite Arukou (Sukiyaki to you non j-music peoples)… that old song that actually got popular over here back in the day… And lynn said she has it on one of her discs! So I asked her to go and check and see if the CD+G has the japanese/romaji lyrics and I’ll do it next time. LULZ! I totally would! I’m contemplating doing it silly or straight. Sometimes I just can’t help doing it silly because it’s fun.

So we’ll be doin this AGAIN definitely. it was just too much fun. 😀