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nekonoai on Jun-9-2008

Oh, I’m just having tons of fun over here. 😛

For those who haven’t seen me online and such (because you don’t go on irc, shame on you!), It’s because my other computer… the one I generally chat on and do light duty on… had the main hard drive crap out. So I’m going to have to order a new drive and be down for probably most of the week as I wait. Yay. *rolls eyes*

I was able to put my web server on an external drive and move it over to the working computer so the web will stay up… mostly… probably the damn galleries and my lunch blog won’t work. 9.9
I can’t get into my stupid ftp server, because I’m a moron and didn’t switch it back to 21 before I left. Oh, wait, you know what? grr. Apache installs its own ftp… and it’s trying to override my settings. F’n apache. I wish I had that remote service. bleh. oh wellz.

To make life better, I had to take the bus in in this heat because SOMEONE had WAY too much fun last night. Plus, my tummy’s acting up and I’ve been running to the terlet all night and morning. I’d like to go home, but at least here there is air conditioning.


Went to karaoke on Saturday. Man, this is becoming a THING with me. LOL Went to a different place. Mulligan’s… I think… In Greece. Small joint, but a LOT of folks showed up to sing and there were a LOT of GOOD singers! A few of them I was like ZOMG they could be pro!!!!111one. And of course, there were a couple of clunkers, but that’s with anywhere. The DJ was HELLA professional, and knew exactly what he was doing… how to fade up music in between singers… fade it down just right… keep the levels good… give a short list of people “up next” so people could prepare themselves… HE WAS DAMN GOOD! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A++ Willard Mania Productions is his thing. So if you see dude doing karaoke anywhere, know that he is awesomesauce. He also has a book of songs bigger than war and peace! Though, one thing about that, the songs are listed by title, and not by artist… I usually look for the artist first and then the song, but meh. I was able to find quite a few songs that I could sing.

I did 3 songs… not for lack of trying, I took about 7 slips up there, but there were so many people that it was hard to get in. I was really comfortable in the atmosphere and not nervous at all. Mary and Lynn said I did really well. 🙂 I sang “landslide”… fleetwood mac version this time, as my opening. And I realized going through it that I’m used to the dixie chicks version more now. LOL My second song was ‘nowhere to go’ by melissa etheridge. I ROCKED HARD! kthx. The only thing was the disc he had ended early.. I guess it was a radio edit or something. I’ll hafta work on getting my karaoke burning software up and running so I can burn my own discs… and hopefully I’ll find a karaoke of that.

My third song… LOL… I did ue wo muite arukou… by kyu sakamoto. You people might know the song as sukiyaki. Yes. I sang in japanese at karaoke. 😀 And let me tell you, they f’n LOVED it. I did it lounge style, because I can’t sing that song straight no matter how hard I try. XDDDD I was in a silly mood anyways. It was a fun night. we totally were there til close. 😀

anyway, i’m gonna get to work … feel free to drop me a line. 😛

Give me a f’n break, already.

nekonoai on Mar-16-2008

So… hi.

I’m 31 now. For those of you who forgot completely, or don’t give a damn regularly. Not that it matters, since it was a really bad luck day anyways.

It started off well enough, the weather wasn’t that crappy, but I had to go to work.

There was pineapple upside down cake and brownies at work for me!

One of the nosepads on my glasses mysteriously disappeared. I was able to get it fixed later on in the day, for free.

I got two presents at work. They were a shirt that doesn’t fit me right, and a snow shovel. The shirt I can probably take back, but the shovel I actually used last night to clear a path so that B can go out and go shopping with mom for my birthday presents… 3 days AFTER my birthday, but that’s ok.

I get home after work to find that my hard drive has died. My main hard drive on my GOOD computer. The one I keep the WEBSITE ON. It’s not recoverable, unless I can find someone who can fix CLUNKING. Cause that’s what it did. CLUNK CLUNK when I tried to reboot. Clunking is never a good sign folks. The funeral is at 11. I asked Dave at work, and he said that clunking usually means the motor died, and that I could probably find someone to PAY a bunch of money to to fix it. meh.

I lost my website… well, everything new that was added or edited after October, including my blogs (I was just starting to get hits, dammit!), my new photos… The lyrics folder is still on my computer at work (where I had been working on it) thank GOD! And the akb48 thing, I think is old enough to have been backed up over here. *checks* Yes, it is.

I also lost my sims game that I had been working on. I was breeding hardcore and was up to 15 children. Dammit. Well, that I can start over, I guess, but it was going good and I had them all having cool new hobbies and shit. But nooo…

On top of that, I lost all the torrents I had downloaded recently, including some HP and AKB48 concerts. It’s F’n HARD to get AKB48 concerts, so i’m cryin. I was just about to burn those to DVD too, cause I had enough to do so. Also lost a few of the new mp3s for various groups, but I can get them again, cause they’re more recent.

Let’s see… after that, I had to go out with the only friends [in town] who remembered my birthday, because one of them has the same birthday as me, to dinner, which was fine. The first restaurant we went to, we looked at the menu, were unimpressed, and walked out. Of course, the lack of someone coming up to us and taking us to a table for 5 minutes while we scanned the two page menu was a bit daunting too. We ended up going to the Roadhouse. ZOMG awesome. If you’re ever in Rochester, head on up to Henrietta and take your ass to the Roadhouse for some meat that’s WAY BETTER than Outback or Bugaboo. Better prices too, I think. The wait staff was attentive. The bread rolls were f’n good. The appetizer was f’n good. You can SEE them putting your meat into fire! It isn’t as crowded as Outback or Bugaboo, but I can’t figure out WHY, because the food was way better. There were people there, but it wasn’t stuffed to the rafters. The atmosphere was very relaxed and we weren’t pressured to hurry through our meal like those other places try to do. We could actually TASTE our food and enjoy it. This was during prime dinner time too, folks. But hey, this is supposed to be about my bad luck. Was it over? No, something else happened later on…

My friend has a yearly tradition of baking cakes for me and his girlfriend (who has the same birthday as me)… in the shape of a penis. you heard me. He also makes it cream filled. We’ve been doin this for years now. This year, he decided to change the recipe. Of the cream. By adding banana flavoring. Let me tell you. SHE YELLED AT HIM because it ruined the taste. It did NOT taste good, folks. Next year, he will not be getting clever with the cock cake. He will be going back to our standard recipe or we shall KILL him. I was polite and ate the left nut, and took the rest of the cock home. I gave it to mom. I think she tried it and threw it away. LOL

I decided to take wednesday off to perform repairs on the computer. Luckily, I had a 40gig HD, brand new, hanging around, that I was gonna use in B’s computer. So I’ve got that loaded up. The web stuff is going to have to wait until I can get a new HD, and I’m thinking of going external, so if anyone knows of any good deals goin on for HD or enclosures, please let me know. I shops online whenever possible, and I’d like something 160+ (in size).

Oh, and I didn’t get a phone call, e-card, or NOTHIN from that man. He’s royally pissing me off and probably forgot. I need a real boyfriend. Feel free to try and hook me up. Just know that I don’t put out on the first date.

I am sooooo sore from shoveling. Course, I had to add insult to injury by exercising on the new piece of equipment I got on Friday. It’s one of those flywheel bikes where you can do it in any position and also use it for your arms to get rid of granny flab. My hams and arms are incredibly sore still. Fucking winter.

FUCKING WINTER! I hate winter. Go away. I want it warm so I can go outside and walk around and check out the asian market up the street and have my windows open and take my cats out for a flop on the driveway.

Not that it really matters. All I do is go to work and come home anyway. I’ve become such a hermit. I’m starting to like it.


nekonoai on Sep-20-2004

So I got sims 2 on friday…. and after i had it all installed and went to play it… it told me my graphics and my processor were ass, and it refused to play… throwing up this big red X in my face… bastard…

so i’ve been scouring the net looking for new computer parts… it’s funny… to upgrade TWO components, i have to buy FOUR…. So I’m lookin for a new motherboard, processor, memory, and video card…

I ordered the motherboard on saturday. It should be here by thursday. I’m hoping to order another part this week… The processor is gonna be the most expensive part… $177… Be a couple of weeks of saving before I can order that bad boy… The other parts aren’t so bad. Had to find a specific motherboard for my case’s configuration… yano, the holes in the back hafta match all the little doohickeys that stick out…

so yeah… at least this will put me well on my way to separating my server machine from my gaming/video editing machine… all that would be left to get to fully have two machines would be a power supply and a hard drive… i think… yeah… that’s about it… I’ll most likely price a power supply and add it to the end of my list… along with a new HD, but I KNOW where to get those. Found a great place for 120s last time I was lookin… 😀

But it really sux that I couldn’t play sims this weekend. I was so totally bummed out. 🙁

oh happy day.

nekonoai on Aug-18-2004


so my computer got a virus… win32.pilfi.A… it’s a nasty little bugger that attaches itself to ALL of your .exe files… Needless to say.. a LOT of my programs will not work right now. 9.9 And yes, I do have an antivirus program, and it DID clean the files.. but I guess the damage had been done on some of the programs…

So far, i’ve only tried using opera, UPP (mirc), sysreset (another mirc), tmpgenc, tmpgenc dvd author, nero, um… i think that’s it. XD

opera, tmpgenc dvd author, nero wouldn’t load. said they were not valid win32 programs…. i reinstalled them…

upp would load, but wouldn’t really start. it would just SIT there, thinking of starting… even after getting rid of the entire program and getting it again. so… i’m kinda pissed about that, since it’s my favorite version of mirc. Sysreset worked fine tho. SO i was able to let everyone in there know what was up.

tmpgenc worked fine.

So i’m wondering if it’s selective.. or wtf… I usually don’t get viruses… cause i dont use outlook, or IE. so i’m kinda really pissed off about this… I’m thinking it either came thru IRC or FTP somehow…

Either way, I’ll most likely be spending my evening reformatting my main HD… Thankfully, the secondaries weren’t harmed… (there’s no EXE files on em.) SO backup should be fairly quick…

So yeah. it’s gonna be a bad day…

I also forgot my lunch at home, and didn’t eat any brehfas… so i’m gonna be HELLA hungry all day. and i get cranky when i’m hungry… *sigh*