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Kickin’ it Old School.

nekonoai on Aug-4-2009

Watched some old school anime last night: Macross. Never seen it before. Saw the first five or six episodes. Kind of interesting. Strange. Funny. I’d like to see the rest of it.

It’s been a long time since I watched anime. I think the last thing I tried to watch was Kirarin Revolution, which was pretty much a train wreck. I can only stand just so much of Koharu’s high pitched put-on voice, and the subbing was horrible. Very ESL. Get proof readers, people!

Going to try out a new (to me) game this week: Disgaea. I have it on the PSP. Kind of a strategy RPG like Tactics. Lots of “cool blood and explosions” like Jacob would say. LOL Well, explosions anyway.

Trying to figure out what graphics to use for my main page and if I want to change the color scheme to something a little less yellow. You’d think I’d have this all planned out. No. I only got so far as choosing the layout. I really suck for ideas lately. My thoughts come in random patches, quite disjointed. I need to focus!

Initial thoughts on TS3

nekonoai on May-21-2009

Having been playing this for a couple of days now, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the whole thing. First of all, I’m enjoying it. I must be. I keep losing track of time and forgetting to cook or go to bed at a reasonable hour. I know that, usually, when a new Sims game comes out, I generally neglect my usual duties, but this is going beyond what I normally do. Thankfully, last night, I made a pot of goulash that should last a couple of days while I work this new shiny out of my system.

The game loads REALLY FAST. It took maybe a minute, including the intro video (two tops). My current Sims 2 install can take up to 20 minutes to load, so I would generally start it up, and walk away to do something domestic (start dinner, do dishes, do laundry, feed the cats, etc.) and come back when I heard the birds chirping. I can’t even leave my seat, that’s how fast this thing loads. Plus, it doesn’t start and stop heavy (system/memory load wise) like TS2 does. Now, this IS a vanilla, base game. No CC. No expansions or stuff packs. But even base vanilla TS2 didn’t load this fast or lightly. A+ on load times.

The first thing I did upon going into the neighborhood was create a new family. Now, I’ve said before that I wanted to create a MORBIDLY OBESE family, and so I did. The new CAS is pretty intricate and interesting. You can make your sims skin/hair any color of the rainbow. You can make them really fat or pretty skinny; muscular or wimpy. I chose to make them all fully fat and fully muscular, because they looked the most obese that way.

The face options are a little bit strange to work with. At first you’d think there aren’t any sliders to do fine adjusting, but someone assured me they are there hidden under an ‘advanced’ button. I haven’t gone back to check it out yet. I will when I get sick of the Ellebrechts and decide to try making myself.

Something you will notice and probably cuss about is that there really aren’t that many CLOTHING meshes available. I am REALLY holding out hope that we won’t have to “buy” everything from the Sims 3 store (yes, they already have plans for selling things) and that regular folks with the talent will be meshing us some nice looking clothes. However, you can fully colorize/texturize the clothing in any way that you please. Believe it or not, the suit that Nicholas is wearing above was not even a one piece. It was two separate pieces that I colorized to match. EVEN THE TIE! 😀

An exciting thing (I’m so geeky) is that shoes are now seperate from clothing. So you can totally have your jeans with sneakers, high heels, boots, or even go barefoot! There are also socks & stockings under accessories (and some nice glasses frames as well).

There is an ok amount of hair meshes, but it will also be nice to have more/different meshes in the future. Coloring the hair is where it gets interesting. You can choose a main hair color like normal, but you can also color their roots, tips, and highlights any color of the spectrum! I gave Nicholas dark brown hair, balding, with grey streaks.

The trait system is pretty interesting. There are TONS to choose from, and a bunch with polar opposites (you can make the good and evil twin!) Adults get 5 traits that you can pick off the bat. Kids get 3 and toddlers get 2 (teens get 4). It’s hard to only pick 5 traits, let me tell you. I’m still debating what traits my self-sim will have.

There are also three items that can be favorites: food, music style, and color. What I don’t get is that babies that are born into the game are born with favorites. It would have made more sense to have them discover their favorites through living a little bit. 😛 How can a newborn know that she likes spaghetti?

You can also adjust the voices to give them somewhat unique voices. It’s kind of scary, but Tanna’s voice kind of sounds like a friend of mine’s mother in law.

An interesting setting is that you can decide how long their lifespan will be. I gave them the longest (epic) lifespan which is somewhere in the ballpark of 900+ days. It really elongates every stage, but I didn’t want to rush through anything. I suppose if I get bored or tired of an age, I will adjust it to a shorter time (Yes, you can change this at any time).

So, I made a morbidly obese family of four. Nicolas Ellebrecht, the father, has a bad temper, is a couch potato, a touch hot-headed, a slob, and a workaholic.

Tanna Ellebrecht, the mother, is an overly-emotional, family-oriented, frugal, easily impressed, (can’t remember 5th trait!) woman who enjoys spending her time clipping coupons and taking care of her children.

Boyce Ellebrecht is an ambitious, friendly bookworm who loves school and spends most of his free time at the library with his nose shoved in a book. He also enjoys painting and hopes one day to be a famous writer.

Gayle Ellebrecht is a clumsy toddler who just learned how to walk and spends most of her day stumbling around the house. Her favorite toy seems to be the xylophone, and we think that she may grow up to be a musician.

You will probably notice that married couples you make in CAS won’t want to woohoo right away. This was kind of a pain in the butt, because I wanted to get Tanna pregnant as soon as possible to see what that was like. It took quite a few days of chatting and other interactions to get them to the point where they’d even cuddle in bed. (I miss ACR) Eventually, I was able to get her pregnant (they used the same pregnancy chimes).

It was really hard to tell that Tanna was pregnant because she’s so fat (other than the way she walked). She didn’t have any throwing up, though there was nausea. Other people have reported the normal pregnancy throwing up, so they didn’t take that out. She rolled a lot of wishes to read books about pregnancy, so I sent her to the library and bookstore to get some (why can’t you BORROW books from the library?), as well as some other books to learn skills and for the kids to read.

When your water breaks  you have a choice to either go to the hospital or give birth at home. I decided to have her have the first one at the hospital. At this point, I should probably talk about rabbit holes.

A lot of the buildings around town, like work, school, the hospital, restaurants, etc are places where you go in and you might get a popup box comes up asking what you want to do there.  These are called rabbit holes. You go in, and come out when you’ve done what you needed to do there. If you zoom into the building you can hear the noises of people doing what they do. For example, in the business tower, you’ll hear people typing, talking, etc. At school, you’ll hear the bell ring, different teachers teaching different classes, children talking, etc. Restaurants would have normal restaurant noises. I am hopeful that in the future many of these rabbit holes will be opened up so we can follow our sims into EVERY building.  I even wouldn’t mind going to work/school to see what’s going on. I do like the fact that you can tell them how to behave at work/school.

Anyway, back to the hospital. You go in. Your spouse may come running to watch the birth of the child (Nick ran from work to come see). Then you come out with a little bundle.

Meet the third Ellebrecht child, Karey!

Honestly, I don’t think the larvae style baby is an improvement. I kind of liked seeing their little flailing legs.  This makes me think that the animators just got lazy about it. A pink or blue blanket instead of a normal looking baby, maybe with a onesie. It just doesn’t look right. But whatever.

Kids can make simple meals for themselves or get leftovers from the fridge. People will actually FEED themselves! You still need to feed toddlers and babies (bottles get pulled from yer ass, instead of tromping to the fridge every time.) Food in the fridge will spoil and needs to be cleaned out every so often. That’s kind of annoying. Cleaning is kind of annoying too. I’m sure that sims with the neat trait will be more on top of it, but I kept wanting to use Pescado’s macrotastics and have them macro/clean.

Some sims find it easier than others to make friends. So far, the boy is best friends with Bella Bachelor (take THAT, Mortimer)! He seems to be REALLY into her. I wonder how hard-coded the “traditional” story is. Would Boyce be able to marry Bella instead of Mortimer?! Another great thing is Boyce is also friends with Mortimer. Wouldn’t it be cool if Boyce stomped all of Mort’s dreams? ALL YOUR DREAMS ARE DEAD!

 Toddlers learn SOMETHING when you read to them. I’m not sure WHAT, since they (toddlers) don’t have skill trackers. There was a message saying that what they learn now will help them in the future. Oh! Another great thing about toddlers is that you can take them off the home lot! I’ve taken Gayle to the park and the library (which has toys in the childrens room for toddlers). It’s nice that they don’t have to be confined to the house. Oh, and if all the adults leave the house and children are home, you can just push a button to instantly have a babysitter summoned. My babysitter has been a teenaged girl most of the time, but one time I got a teen boy (who made a hueg mess in my house!).

If you get a little impatient waiting for the baby to age up, go buy a birthday cake (under outdoors cooking for some reason). They’ll go thru the fun of clapping and using noisemakers, and then you’ll drop the baby on the floor. Don’t be alarmed. This is supposed to happen. Babies age up on the floor now.

Karey is bald with a diaper and booties. Nice outfit. 😛 Next time I will have to let the time go and see if the baby will just age up on its own without any interference. Luckily, Tanna just had twin girls (yes, twins are back! There is also rumor of triplets, but I don’t know of anyone who has experienced that yet).

I like that you can tinker objects to make them do other things, like self-clean, prevent-fire, etc. It’s funny to watch Nick banging away on the stove to make it self-cleaning. I also made him make the toilet unbreakable, because it effing kept clogging up.

I think possibly the biggest annoyance to me at this point, (besides not being able to macro clean) is the damn mosaic when people shower, pee, bathe, etc. I HATE this. I am hoping that someone comes up with a way to remove this VERY soon. I’m a grownup. I think I can handle seeing my sims in the buff. I mean, they’re probably undefined anyway, so what does it matter?

I’m sure I will post more updates as I think of them. For now, these have been my initial thoughts. 😀

Cautious excitement…

nekonoai on May-18-2009

With Sims 3 looming on the horizon (release date of June 2nd), I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews, screenshots, and factoids popping up all over the place. Some are quite exciting, while others give me pause. I will definitely be procuring the game some way or another, as I have for every other Sim game since day 1.

Things I’m excited about:

  • The setting is before Sims 1. The second sequel is a prequel!
  • Mortimer is a child. Does this mean Bella is a child and floating around as well?
  • Mrs. Crumplebottom is younger and we may learn why she is the crotchety old bag we know and love.
  • Color/texture selection on everything. Finally furniture that actually MATCHES?!
  • No loading screen when going to other places. You can visit your neighbor without having to switch families.
  • The new trait system. It’s going to be hard choosing only five traits for my self-sim, though.
  • MOAR CAS options, like the ability to have shoes be seperate, and coloring hair roots, tip, etc different colors if you want.

Things I’m a bit worried about:

  • Some venues are rabbit holes?
  • Lack of ability to get custom content or hacks?
  • All the neighboring Sims will live their life and age simultaneously as your Sim (They’ll get married, get jobs,etc). This will be fine for people I don’t want to play, but I hope I will have the ability to turn aging off if I want to. Although, this COULD be a good thing because sometimes I get ADD and play one family for a minute and then go make a whole new one. It would be interesting to see what the original family gets up to when I’m not around.
  • The whole neighborhood loaded and moving at once. Will there be insane lag?

Things I’m really hoping are true:

  • The graphics look nicer. Lighting and shadows are much improved, as is water.
  • Ghosts look pretty neat, and there are different styles of tombstones.
  • Playground equipment in base game?
  • Cars in base game?
  • Fishing and gardening in base game?
  • Rideable bicycles?
  • Toddler table in base game?
  • You can move a house to a bigger lot? This would be useful for when I’m clown-carring, which I hope will be possible with a hack. Having only 8 sims gets a bit dull.
  • You can choose to move to a new lot, and you can either sell your furniture or take it with you. Take it with you? For SRS? No more inventorying all yer old stuff? That would be awesome.
  • Paintings that a Sim makes, will be unique to each Sim. It’s based on its personality and mood. How will they do this?!
  • Every article of clothing is always available to you in the game, and are always recolorable. So no need to ‘buy’ clothing. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on how long it takes to load the wardrobe every time, and if new meshes will be allowed.
  • You can change a sim’s outfit by clicking on them, anywhere at anytime. For reals?
  • If you have many people in your family, then you’ll start with more than 20.000
    simoleons. How much more?
  • Shirts and jackets are separate?
  • You can choose from 3 different voices for each gender?
  • You can buy an empty bookcase and then buy and place books in it. No more of this universal book for learning things.
  • You can have the baby at home or at the hospital. Yes, but what will the birth look like? 😛
  • Sims that were happy during pregnancy have babies with better traits. What about sims that were UNHAPPY? muahahaha!
  • Infants are wrapped in blankets instead of only wearing diapers. No more frozen babbyz in the winter.
  • Using the highchair, you can feed toddlers with the same food you prepare for the other family members, but you have to use the food processor first.
  • There will be no weather in the game. I’m sure it’ll be included in an expansion pack 😛
  • Wind will move the trees. I thought there wasn’t going to be weather. I consider wind to be part of weather 😛
  • Ghosts are playable, can marry living Sims, and even make ghost babies. Well, that’s creepy.

Best. Games. Ever!

nekonoai on Feb-3-2009

What are your ten BEST GAMES EVER?!!?!? For any platform… They don’t have to be in numerical order, because that can be hard and would start tons of fights. ;p These are games that you could just play over and over because they are just that awesome.

Be sure to mention what platform(s) it’s on in parentheses!

River Raid (Atari 2600)
Final Fantasy VII (PSX)
Lumines II (PSP)
Lego Star Wars (XBOX/PC/PS2 – DS Version blew)
Star Ocean First Departure (PSP)
Star Ocean Second Story (PSP/PSX)
Yoshi’s Island (SNES/DS/GBA)
Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX/PSP)
Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
Chrono Trigger (SNES/PSX)

addicted to the game.

nekonoai on Dec-19-2008

*stands up*

My name is Sile, and I’m addicted to Lumines.

I take it to the bathroom with me at work. I play it during lunch. I play it when I wake up in the morning. I play it before I go to bed. I play it every chance I get.

If you don’t know what Lumines is, it’s a puzzle game, kind of like tetris, but more interesting. It has unlockable “skins” that change the look of the playing board, the pieces and the music. Also, the music is affected by your play. If you don’t get a square clear within a few passes, the music will play over and over like a broken record. It’s kind of funny, actually.

Wikipedia goes into more detail.

I’ve gotten up to level 17. Oh. The skins change every 4 levels, I’ve noticed. I seem to play best when I’m in the dark sitting in my bed. That’s usually when I get the highest scores and get to the higher levels. I like the “japanese” level with the red and white blocks and the traditional music with the guy going YO! It cracks me up. 😀

Anyway, I was looking through wiki and I noticed that one of my current favorite songs is in Lumines II!!! OH HOLY CRAP! thinks I. I must get gaem!

The song is “Heavenly Star” by Genki Rockets. It’s completely in English. Here’s a youtube.

Pity that I need to wait til after xmas to get any more stuff for myself, but there you have it.