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Thursday Thoughts…

nekonoai on Apr-16-2009

I need to talk to certain people more often. They are a source of many smiles and lulz.


I’ve realized that most of the blogs I visit are foodie blogs.

I want to play sims 3 now. It’s not out for another whole month. Aside from making REALLY FAT PEOPLE, I’m anxious to see the real differences in the game engine and if these new things were executed properly. Is it sad that I still have hope for the franchise, even though they’ve fucked up nearly everything they’ve put out? Hopefully the Awesome Ones will be able to fix any problems that arise. Otherwise, will the game be worth playing? I know that I couldn’t live without awesomeware in sims 2 at this point.

I really don’t need to hear about your personal business and the peoples personal business you’re talking about loudly while on your cell phone. If I can hear you over my headphones, you are talking too loud. Private conversations should be private. And when you get off your phone, you don’t need to tell me about what you were talking about. I really don’t need to know. 😛

Floam has interesting texture. I remember when I had that weird dream where I had an actual live dog made out of floam. That was a weird dream.

I hate dogs.

TGIF pizza chips are rather tasty. They remind me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I wish sometimes that someone would just swoop down and take me away from here.

Why do I get so offended?

nekonoai on Dec-31-2008

Why do I get so offended when people use the word Oriental?

It’s a really old school term that has been replaced by Asian in recent years, but it really gets my feckles up when people use it. Here’s a little background on why this was brought to my attention today.

One of the major issues we seem to have with our database is the Vietnamese population. It’s hard to keep them straight. Mostly because they all seem to use the same five names, or we can’t tell which name is the first name and which is the last name.  Needless to say, there’s a lot of errors in our database , which get sorted out one by one when these people call in to correct us.

The Vietnamese (and other Asians) in our area seem to live together in extended families at the same residence. I don’t know why this is so strange to some people here. It’s completely normal even in some parts of the US to have two or four generations living under one roof. It’s even more widely seen in Asian cultures.

Anyway, El Perko got a voicemail today from one of our Vietnamese patrons, who didn’t leave her phone number and had a very thick accent that El perko fails at understanding. This same person called my phone a few minutes later and I talked to her and solved her problem (her gift had gotten posted to her mother’s account, because her parish had the wrong ID number for her and we generally don’t check cards that come in with IDs already on them). I could understand her PERFECTLY. Her accent was thick and Asian, but she spoke quite clearly to my way of thinking. (of course, I was pretty much the only one who could understand the chinese woman at my last job. I exceed at understanding accents.)

So I get off the phone with her and fill out the orange sheet to give to El Perko. She was like, did you just talk to Jan? (Jan is her american nickname, which is NOT on our system at all, but she had mentioned that it had been her nickname when I was on the phone with her.) I said, yes. And told her that I had found out her problem. El Perko said, and I quote…”I hate Orientals! She didn’t leave her phone number and she’s called three times. I couldn’t understand a word she said!”

Now, while I agree that “Jan” should have left her phone number on the voice mail, that is no reason to hate an entire race of people. And also no reason to use the word Orientals, when I clearly stated she was Vietnamese only seconds before, saying how I loved her accent when I hung the phone up. I like accents. hush. As for not understanding her… I don’t get that. She spoke very clearly in proper English. In full sentences. She didn’t speak a million miles a minute either. In fact, she’s probably used to having to speak slowly to poor whities who don’t have an ear for anyone with an accent. El perko also used the word in a derogatory way. The same way a KKK member uses the word Nigger.

So, I threw the orange sheet over the wall at her. It’s her job to look up all handwritten cards when they come in. She dropped the ball on this one, so she gets to fix it.

The only other person that I know of that uses the word Oriental to mean Asians in general is Mark. And I’ve told him not to use that word around me because I find it offensive. I don’ t even know if it’s really offensive, but it feels that way to me somehow. Maybe it’s a generational thing, because I think these two are around the same age, give or take.

And what the hell is “Oriental Flavor” anyway?

She’s disturbing my calm.

nekonoai on Dec-9-2008

Today we had our department xmas “party”. The boss actually COOKED instead of having it catered. Probably saved a bit of money and the food was GOOD. Who’da thunk Tom would be a good cook! He made lasagna (no meat, but also no veg, it was win), sausage n peppers, and this chicken dish
with asparagus and mushrooms and some other stuff. And brought canoli. YUM! Of course, there was lots left over and he gave it to me and said, here, take this home. So I wrapped up the chicken stuff and 3 pieces of lasagna and I won’t have to cook much tonight. Bonus!

Then, Dave brought his Wii in and we played a little wii sports. 😀 I got my butt kicked in boxing, but mostly had fun watching and laughing at everyone else playing. I really want a wii now. We didn’t get back up to work until like 3, but that’s ok. My stuff will get done, and I have a lovely “fun time” buzz. It’s rare we get to just chill and have a little fun around here, so I enjoyed it.

Well, one person left 2 minutes into the fun time… I bet you can guess who. That’s right! El Perko! She goes back to “work”. yeah, like there’s a LOT to do. Mail has been light. But here we go trying to brown tongue. After she left, the boss asked “was there a lot today?” and I said “No.” and he just shrugged like “what can ya do?”

So I come back up after all the fun is over and she’s immediately up my ass to get everything done immediately. She’s all antsy that we won’t get stuff done by tomorrow afternoon. Like I said, there ain’t much to do. It’ll ALL get done. But she has to keep riding my ass. So my buzz is now COMPLETELY gone and I’ve gone from happy to pissed off. Just let me work. Leave me the eff alone. Eyes on your own paper!

Keep in mind that I had only JUST received sheets back from finance so that I could POST said batches, so it’s not like I was holding on to them from since before lunch. There’s an order to things around here, and she doesn’t seem to want to follow all the procedures.

Add to that the fact that she’s started playing xmas songs already. And her music gets played OUT LOUD, as opposed to mine which is played in my headphones ONLY. She actually bought speakers to make her music LOUDER, which gets annoying when I keep hearing the same song every hour on that damn country station.  I like some country, but I HATE hearing the same song over and over in an 8 hour period. It just irks me in general. Plus it’s always the most innane song. Xmas songs I can handle in small doses, mixed in with other music, but a whole day of it will drive me crazy.

No psychedelic cookies for her! 😛

*gets back to posting before someone straps on the spike again*


nekonoai on Jul-10-2008

her: *stands up at stares at me over the partition*
“You need to sign up at Plenty of Fish”

me: I don’t really want to sign up at a dating site just yet.

her: “You’ll never find a man!”
*sits down*

Yeah, ok. Leave me alone now, please. *turns volume up on headphones*

Honestly, I get enough torture from my dreams [I always end up cockblocked there too]. Do I really need it when I’m awake too?


nekonoai on Jul-9-2008

her: You hafta be pretty if you want to get a man.

me: I don’t really do girly.

her: Then you’re never gonna get a man.

me: … *puts headphones on and turns volume up*

her: rambling that I can’t hear…

I guess I don’t know how to be girly. I always feel uncomfortable and awkward in skirts or dresses, and I really don’t like wearing makeup or fussing too much over my hair. I don’t wear much jewelry. Once in awhile I’ll put on some earrings or a necklace. I’ll wear a ring, but that’s only because I’m USED to wearing one. I prefer wearing comfortable clothes and would rather wear jeans and t-shirts than anything else. That’s who I am. Why do I need to dress or be a certain way in order to meet someone and then have them be shocked when I come around as myself? Does that even make sense? I figure as long as I look decent when I go out the door that I’m ok. 😛 I will not be uncomfortable for ANYONE. Fuck you.