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…and her husband wanted nothing to do with it.

nekonoai on Jan-8-2017

I had a dream last night that a very dear friend of mine had a beautiful baby daughter…

…because my brain hates me.

Depression mode in full swing.

Panic at the airport!

nekonoai on May-21-2008


Last night I had a dream I was going on a trip (supposedly it was August already)… and the chick at the check in desk at the airport wouldn’t give me my tickets because my ID didn’t have a CVC code on the back. And if I didn’t have this code I couldn’t leave the state, for some reason…

Now, in my dream, licenses looked a bit different. They had information on both sides and had MORE information than they do now. I didn’t get a GOOD look to see what else was included, but on the back in the top right corner was a space that said CVC: … and my card was BLANK there…

I know what you’re thinking… isn’t cvc that number on the back of your CREDIT card? Yes, but this cvc stood for something different… Citizen Verification Code. Apparently, in my crazy dream world, everyone including illegals had licenses and id cards and the only way to tell if you were an actual citizen of the country was this CVC code, and you could only travel via public transport things like bus, train, plane, if your card had this code. The code was unique to each person and the person’s complete profile would come up when it was checked. I guess they were doing a containment to keep track of all the illegals etc.

Anyway, my CVC was blank! I couldn’t go anywhere. and, mind you, it was a brand new card that the DMV had just sent me (am I going nuts because I just went there friday to renew my license?XD)!!!

I totally had a meltdown in the line because they wouldn’t let me get on the plane and so much money had been spent on the trip already, etc. MELTDOWN. We’re talking toddler meltdown times 100.

so… now I’m wondering… for the people who fly often, what kind of ID is needed at the airport so they can know who the fuck I am so this crazy shit doesn’t happen to me in August? I’m only going to Atlanta and Indiana…. it’s not like I’m leaving the effing country.


who the hell writes this stuff?

nekonoai on Dec-19-2006

I woke up to a song this morning about camel toe. Played on a normal radio station. I love how they can get away with it. Yay hypocrisy.

The word COOTER makes me laugh like you wouldn’t believe.

I need to get a new stereo. I’m tired of being woken up when I’m almost asleep because the stereo has decided to go into feedback mode. f’n thing. *kick*

Had a weird dream last night. Was trying to do laundry, but someone had dancing time with the washer and made it go all wonky so the basement flooded and the dryer got all fecked up. I can only remember two faces from the dream, and neither of them was the one who made with the dancing time. I have such weird dreams. *goes downstairs to get actual laundry*

Today’s the annual diocesan catered xmas lunch thingy. With the added bonus that I don’t have to go to the church dealie beforehand because I’m up “working” and watching the temp, who Tom won’t pay to make with the sign of the cross time. Tho it is interesting to hear the bishop SING the entire f’n mass.

I need to buy stock in Special K. I’ve gone thru three boxes in the last two weeks. I like to buy cereals where folks can eat a whole cup of it, so they feel like they ate something, even though I usually serve it with some fruit and/or meat. Japanese people eat salad with breakfast. Maybe I should start serving that on the weekend with my one egg omlettes and sausage links. XD
One egg can really fluff up if you beat the hell out of it.

dream recorder…

nekonoai on Nov-18-2004

ok. so I dreamed I was at work.. but while I was opening PIF envelopes, I was also making lasagna at the same time.. Which is odd… Then around 2 in the afternoon, i went to the bathroom. I must’ve blacked out in the bathroom because when I came out, it was 9pm… DARK… i went back to the office and Lynn was still there. Now, he ALWAYS leaves at 4:30… Faye would be the one to stay that late, but not him. He seemed mean somehow. He was on the phone talkin to someone. I cleaned up my stuff, put everything in the drawer and put the lasagna stuff in the fridge, even tho it probably wouldn’t have been any good anymore… and got my coat on ready to go.

we leave, and I am left to lock the door. which is another odd thing. the door looks completely different. it is a two part door that locks into itself with a key. and the damn thing wouldn’t lock. usually, lynn sticks around to make sure the door is locked if we all leave at 4:30, so for him to just walk off and go on his merry way is another really odd occurance. it took me like 10 minutes to finally get the damn door locked. and then i went outside.

oddly enough when i got outside, it was bright daylight… and like spring, very warm. and the building looked different, more like a school type building. anyways, lynn’s car was gone. i was hoping he’d give me a ride home… so i resigned myself to walking home. and for some reason, i was so tired that my arms grew longer and i started walking like a gorilla… o.O then I heard someone call my name.

it was jill. yay. i thot, she’d take me home. LOL. she was goin into the school so i went with her. we met up with her sister paula, who was wearing a school uniform like we used to wear at holy rosary… o.O somehow, the conversation turns to schools we went to growing up, but all the schools jill mentioned, none of them was holy rosary.. and when i brought it up she said, i never went to that school. o.O

… and then i woke up.

what’s wrong with me?

nekonoai on May-5-2004

last night i had that dream again that brad had died in a car accident… i wish i could stop having that dream… in the dream, i wanted to call his mom and ask her if he really was dead… *sigh*

i¬†was about shut down… when i woke up… i had to ask my mom if i told her he had died or not. she said no. *sigh* what the hell is wrong with my damn brain?