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sad times…

nekonoai on Apr-28-2004

I keep forgetting to post this… *sigh*

My first boyfriend…. died… I haven’t seen him since after 3rd grade, but I went to school with him from kindergarten – 3rd grade… he kissed me in the coatroom…

when mom told me this, i was like, holy shit! i f’n hate war. it kills people i love. I mean, sure, i haven’t seen him in a really long time… but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect me… 🙁

his mom was a lunch mom at school… i remember Cathy always smelled nice… like mint gum and something else… 🙂

He left behind two girls… pretty young. I think they said the youngest was 3 or 4… I remember him telling me once in 2nd grade how when he grew up, he wanted to have girls because they were nicer than boys… (what an odd thing for a kid to say) i think that was the day when he wrote all over my ‘mouse family album’ book. heh. funny what you can remember.


nekonoai on Mar-23-2003

i wrote a poem last night. like to hear it? here it go…

locked inside my heart
knowing it can never be real
the strange memory exists
struggling to right itself
the storm rages on ever stronger
wind that was once soft now wails
fiercely knocking aside every obstacle
pushing it farther back from my hungry grasp
cries muffled by the deafening thunder
cannot be heard ~ fall silent to the earth
weak and trembling the figure collapses
the storm rushes all around
tossing everything in sight
dashing it to ruins
she is untouched
a heart too heavy to be picked up by even this strong wind
she feels the rage ripping about her skin
the slash of glass and wood bring forth blood
the trees whipping an already broken spirit


nekonoai on Feb-7-2003

well…. jeez. i really don’t write in this thing, do i? heh. i know. i suck. it’s not like anyone’s reading it or something, right? o.O

Anime North N stuff that Happened there…

nekonoai on May-27-2002

Wow.. well.. that was… interesting… to say the least…

Went out of costume, unless you count cat ears as a costume, which I don’t. ^_^;; It was my first con, give me a break…

There were a lot of really GOOD costumes there.. and also a lot of really poorly made/poorly thought out costumes…. you know who you are. ^_^;;

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get into the masquerade room (or the streaming vid of the masquerade room)… because I feel I missed a big part of the con… ;.;

Met a few people from the Yahoo group… And also some other people who were pretty cool. Played fluxx with a guy… he was cool.. His badge said Iron Author. He writes fanfics, which I’m really not into, but he was rather interested in sailormoon and very insiteful, so he was coo. ^_^

sailor jamboree was almost 2 hours late. 🙁 And bad stuff happened thruout the show… I really think the members were frazzled *sigh* which is sad, cause it’s the whole reason I came to the con, since i am so megainsane about seramyu… I dunno. I just think it could have been better…

Diana Kou is HOT! damn my bisexual tendencies. 😉

The chick who played venus was so genki… Very cool. ^_^

the twins were so shy… They’re the ones who started SJ… Do they have stage fright or something? The crowd wasn’t really that big. I don’t think that 1/2 the people knew what seramyu was… GOD I REALLY WANTED TO PLUG MY SITE…

lip synching bad… choreography good.

poor usagi’s wig. *sigh* anyone have any industrial strength hair glue??~


very tired now. me sleep. *chu*